Consuming raw or uncooked, meat, fish, or poultry may increase
your risk of food borne illness.

Before placing your order, please inform your server
of any food allergies.

We accept reservations.

Today's Specials


turkey & mushroom vegetable squash soup

fresh parsley, oyster crackers 6


watermelon & goat cheese summer salad 14

organic baby arugula, diced tomatoes, shaved carrot, scallions, toasted hazelnuts, clover honey drizzle, poppy seeds, white balsamic vinaigrette gf grilled or crispy chicken 5, bay of fundy salmon or tiger shrimp 10, grilled bbq steak tips 11

crispy 5 cheese red pepper raviolis

organic tuscan kale slaw, crispy onion strings, roasted red pepper crème, extra virgin olive oil drizzle, pecorino romano cheese 8


grilled chorizo fennel sausage mushroom pizza

pomodoro sauce, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, tri-colored peppers, scallions gfo 14

foley’s salmon & wild blue crab burger

griddled sesame-poppy seed bun, green leaf lettuce, tomato, sweet chili glaze, house made bread & butter pickles, hand cut french fries 16

venison flank steak meatballs

pappardelle pasta, gin coriander light cream sauce, cherry tomatoes, grilled asparagus, mozzarella cheese, minced bacon bits 20

new england lobster roll

butter griddled frank bun, shaved organic green leaf lettuce, cole slaw, house made bread & butter pickles, fresh potato chips gfo 23

pan seared statler chicken breast

grilled baby zucchini & yellow squash, tricolor roasted carrots, corn, steamed jasmine rice, roasted red pepper crème gf 19


peanut butter bomb giheridelli chocolate brownie

whipped chantilly cream, vanilla bean ice cream, raspberry melba sauce 8

house churned oreo cookies & cream ice cream bowl

whipped chantilly cream, white & dark chocolate swirl sticks gf 6