Consuming raw or uncooked, meat, fish, or poultry may increase
your risk of food borne illness.

Before placing your order, please inform your server
of any food allergies.

We accept reservations.

Today's Specials


potato bisque

oyster crackers, bacon, scallions 8


steamed duck & vegetable dumplings

sweet chili glaze, sesame seeds, scallion 13

duck quesadilla triangles

chipotle aioli, sour cream, guacamole 13

buffalo cauliflower

frank’s red-hot sauce, celery, carrots, blue cheese dipping sauce 13

ranchero chicken pizza

ranchero sauce. black beans, tri-color peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese, chipotle chicken 14

baby arugula & halloumi cheese salad

brussels sprouts, diced tomatoes, dried cranberries, toasted pecans, chopped bacon, pickled red onion, sunflower seeds, ras el hanout dressing 13

add grilled or crispy chicken 5, grilled BBQ tenderloin tips 8, Atlantic salmon or grilled shrimp 10, burrata cheese 5


meatballs & pappardelle pasta in vodka sauce

garlic bread, creamy vodka sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, chili flakes 18

grilled 130z sirloin steak

sour cream & chive mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, chimichurri sauce 26

pan seared mahi mahi

sweet pea & ricotta risotto, tarragon honey mustard sauce 24

griddled salmon burger

sweet chili glaze, lettuce, tomato, poppyseed bun, bread & butter pickles, hand cut french fries 14


frozen tiramisu

espresso soaked lady fingers, spiced rum pastry cream, cocoa powder 8